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CIO Alliances

Welcome to CIO Alliances

Why choose the CIO Alliances?

Firstly, it's about understanding "why we choose to market our company at 'events'?". Is it not easier to visit your potential clients in their back yard? Eventually, yes. The number of touch points required to create a valuable, continued business relationship are endless due to the nature in which the enterprise has to adapt to the market.

For the Alliance Media Group (AMG) and it's experience of business-to-business events, whether it be a trade show, conference, summit or workshop, there has always been an underlying focus of the facilitator; commercials. AMG would like to differentiate in a busy event market and take a different approach in building its gatherings. Creating 'A union or association formed for mutual benefit'

For AMG the focus will always be fully functional and customer focused service to better the level of alignment and synergy in the engagement that takes place at its gatherings. Through careful consideration and respectful approach, we look to offer an intimate environment, planned well in advance with the genuine business focuses of its attendees and the buyer community its built.

The format of it's gathering differentiates itself to other initiatives in the events market due to it's intimate environment for like minded peers to mix and network in a relaxed environment. The AMG gatherings will always aim to align as much of its attendees with the content and focuses of the current day CIO top of mind challenges, demand to better understand how to implement better strategies and self-educate and knowledge share within a senior level gathering complimented by innovative technologies and strategies from evangelists within the community of solution partners bettering the top enterprises operations throughout its value chain.

Each of its gatherings will include:

  • Intimate engagement
  • End User intimate workshops and keynotes
  • Engaging forums and discussions
  • Case studies and educational whitepaper presentations

Intimate engagement

A true opportunity for senior ICT executives to get to meet with peers and solution partners at the right level. Time is precious so the opportunity to consolidate and meet with relevant peers and solution partners to iron out the likelihood of a partnerships and relationships in the not too distant future is vital.

AMG aims to make these meets relevant, beneficial and not forced - in an intimate environment.

End User Intimate Workshops and Forums

AMG's gatherings will bring the thought leaders and innovators from the region of focus together. To maximize the engagement outside of the networking hours, the gathering will incorporate end user content throughout and enable it's attendees not just to hear about what's going on in the market but, have the opportunity to engage in Workshops and Intimate Keynote sessions where Q&A is encouraged.

Each session will be moderated by a thought leader who is currently living and breathing the 'good life' as an active ICT Executive.

Benefits of this:

  • The content delivered is current and on-trend
  • A respected peer is delivering the session
  • The opportunity to gain tangible returns through interactive sessions are a lot higher

Engaging Forums and Discussions

The benefits of the open forum are easy to see. AMG encourages the opportunity for open discussion around topical challenges to take place throughout its gatherings. It is important to have differences in opinion and an open forum is the best way to debate these topics. The format will aim for a Moderator or Session Leader to set the tone and allow for open discussions and debate as the topic affect on the business.

Case studies and Educational Whitepaper Presentations

A delivery of knowledge is better delivered with evidence.

Due to level of collaboration that exists, we aim to include as many case studies within the programme to provide on lookers with so quality examples of successful implementation of innovation within enterprise ICT.

Specialists in creating

aligned networking platforms

Alliance - A union formed for mutual benefit

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